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A KZING player's account is a separate account that can be registered through KZING.

To create an account, please follow these 2 simple steps.

STEP 1: Register in KZING player's site at our player's site KZING.com

STEP 2: After your player account has been created, navigate to "KZING Partners" tab and register your KZING Partner's account

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About KZING and why choose us to become your partner

KZING is created by betting and blockchain enthusiasts to suit both new and experienced crypto players.

We design and implement Revolutionary Features such as:

KZING tokens - Giving players tokens to claim a stake from our Dividend Pool

Dividend Pool - Funded by revenues of the platform, all KZING players can claim their dividends using KZING tokens

Loot boxes - Free and Purchasable loot boxes to keep your players thrilled!

Enhanced deposits and withdrawals speed - Enjoy our Blazing deposits and withdrawals within 5-10 minutes

Our products include World-Class sports betting software by IM Sportsbook and IM Esports catering OVER 100,000 Sports and Esports matches every month, 4 Original crypto In-House games and over 600 unique casino games available. KZING certainly provides the solution that best suits your player's gaming experience

KZING is fully licensed and regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro with satisfied customers globally

Why is KZING Partnership Program better than the traditional affiliate model?

To put it simply, the traditional affiliate model only allows you to earn from your direct recruited players with minimum earnings from your sub affiliates

KZING Partners is a new Partnership program structured with an "Overriding feature" to give you the Maximum earnings from your direct players and your Sub-Partners

Refer to bottom perks to understand more!

No more low Commission Earnings with KZING Partners!

Feeling unjust and only getting 30% commission from the traditional affiliate model?

KZING Partner's commission goes up to 40% and our structure gives you an easier and faster way to achieve it!

Go to our Commission Page (1.3) to find out more!

How is our "Overriding" model better compared to the traditional affiliate model?

Traditional affiliates only earn a small fraction of commission from their sub affiliates, which gives 0 to no benefits for affiliates to introduce sub affiliates.

KZING's Partnership program is a system that is easily replicated for all players to become our Partners.

Our "Overriding Model" Maximizes a Partner's commission earnings by overriding commissions from their Sub-Partners. Start building your KZING player's network today and leave the rest to us!

Go to our Commission Page (2.0) to find out more!

We help you tackle issues on Low Betting limits and the lack of games for your Players

KZING's First and Only crypto Dual Sportsbook and Esports platform covering the MOST number of matches and allowing players to Double their bets with our Dual Sportsbook and Esports!

On top of that, your players will never get bored with over 150 Live casino tables to choose from, 600+ Slot games and Original crypto In-house games.

If your players are still unable to find your favourite games, rest assure, we have more games in months to come!

Go to our Our products to view our range of products!

How our Security Measurements benefit all our Partners and players?

Security is our number one priority for both Players and Partners, which is why all deposits are safely held in Cold Wallets, meaning private keys are stored offline. A Hot Wallet facility is only used to service day-to-day Withdrawals

Worried about delayed payments? Not anymore with KZING!

All Partner's commission earnings are paid out in USDT monthly on 8th-10th. Expediting Commission payout and other cryptos can be requested on a case to case basis. All player's standard deposit and withdrawal are processed within 5-10 minutes.

KZING Partner's standard withdrawal will take up to a max of 2 business working days.

For special request, Contact Us and we will be glad to help!

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Anti-Hijacking Plug-in (for Windows only)

Instruction: Download the plug-in and double-click the BAT file. Type any key to start until it shows "COMPLETED". ***Prefer try Google DNS first*