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Dear Guest, to register a KZING Partners account, you are required to have an existing KZING Player's account

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A KZING player's account is a separate account that can be registered through KZING.

To create an account, please follow these 2 simple steps.

STEP 1: Register in KZING player's site at our player's site KZING.com

STEP 2: After your player account has been created, navigate to "KZING Partners" tab and register your KZING Partner's account

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Getting Started

Getting started with KZING Partnership Program is easy. Register a KZING player's account first and unlock your KZING Partners application

We have 3 quick registration method to sign up for a player's account. It takes less than 30 seconds to Register an account

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Look for KZING Partners sign up link in your player's account

Click on KZING Partner's Registration link and input your details, our Marketing Specialist will contact you to get your account started as soon as possible!

Go to "Contact us" page to get your application approved faster!

Use your tracking code to recruit new players

After logging in your KZING Partner's account, search for the tracking code from the "tracking tab".

Copy your tracking code link, and you can start promoting anywhere online and offline!

Media centre

Our media center provides a wide range of banners which you can use as a marketing tool to promote to your potential players. This includes reporting data to see how well your banner campaigns are doing!

Custom banners are also available from our in-house graphic designer

How should you promote to your members, and what should you look out for?

Promoting your tracking links is always easy, but you may not be getting enough conversions, so what should you do?

Speak to us! We have an eveready team of Marketing and Business Intelligence Team easily reachable to guide and provide you with detailed reports of your traffic and help you understand why your traffic is not converting

Contact us!


Lastly, all your Commission reports will be available for your players and Sub-Partners. Look for it under "Settlement" tab in your Partner's account

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Anti-Hijacking Plug-in (for Windows only)

Instruction: Download the plug-in and double-click the BAT file. Type any key to start until it shows "COMPLETED". ***Prefer try Google DNS first*